Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Lace Bunting

Crafty Ribbons has some awesome lace in their shop.  They have all kinds of unique designs and this one has to be my favourite!  It comes white and I have dyed each triangle with a mix of Inktense pencils.

I have then added some buttons, again from Crafty Ribbons huge selection, and sewn them on to match each triangle.

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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Shaker ATC tutorial

Another post I found hiding in my drafts folder...  I'm ashamed to say this was written in January 2016 but I didn't hit the publish button!

I was asked by the wonderful Jessica Brogan, leader of the Card Deck Swap, to put together a tutorial for the ATC's I sent in a previous swap.  Here is what I put together...

To make these shaker ATC’s you will need some sort of background, a transparent material and some small ‘shaky’ pieces.  

I have used a watercolour background cut down to ATC size, and a playing card.  You could use patterned paper, mixed media artwork, magazine pages, book pages, fabric... the list is endless.   

I’ve used netting/tulle, vellum and a glassine bag for the shaker fronts.  You could also try scrapbook page protectors, thick plastic packaging and acetate.  

I’ve used sequins, beads and punched shapes as my shaky bits – anything small and relatively thin will work... try buttons, wood veneer shapes, die cut paper shapes. 

I’ve used a sewing machine to put my cards together.  You could also sew by hand, used thin double sided tape, washi tape, a FUSE tool, and if your shaky pieces aren’t too small you could even get away with stapling around the edge.

Here is a video and brief step by step of my method of creating.  (My way is not the only way, just a guide to get you started if you would like to try.)

  •  Play with watercolours on wet watercolour paper.  Add sea salt when wet.
  • Allow to dry completely and brush salt off.  TIP; moving the salt before everything is completely dry lessens the effect the salt has.
  • Stop and admire the effect the salt leaves!
  • Add another layer of colour using watercolours, ink and ink sprays.  Add water to get the colours to spread.  Again add sea salt when the colour is wet and allow to dry completely.
  • When completely dry brush the salt off and cut the background paper down to ATC size.
  • Cut your transparent material slightly bigger than the ATC and sew around three sides.  TIP; use a fairly long stitch.  Too short a stitch gives the effect of perforating the card!
  • Add your shaker pieces and sew up the fourth side capturing all the little pieces inside.
  • Knot the threads on the back.  TIP; you can seal your knots with a little blob of glue or clear nail varnish.
  • Trim your transparent material to size and add your words/image to the front of the card with strong double sided tape.  TIP; If you’ve used tulle/netting wet glue will seep through to the background and stop the shaky bits from shaking!
All the sequin mixes I used are from SpiegelMom Scraps.  If you want to stock up on sequins and get your hands on some glassine bags quote the code Laura15 at the checkout for 15% off your order.

This tutorial is just an idea to start you off, let your imagination run wild!  If you do make something inspired by this tag me @beadsbuttonsandbirds on instagram so I can check your work out. 

Friday, 19 May 2017


I was very chuffed with myself when I realised I could thread my '60' sequin confetti on to 3mm ribbon to tie around some gifts...

I adore how it looks!  Wrapping paper from Proper Post, ribbon from Crafty Ribbons and (ancient) sequins from deep in my stash!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Chronicles of Herbert

Here is the title page for Herbie's scrapbook album.

I am trying to keep to a theme of blues and greys, thread, sequins, flair and splatters through out the album.  If I manage to stick it will be the first time I have made a coordinated album!

This perfect flair is from Cuts2luv.

and I have raided my alpha stash for the title.

Clean and simple and just how I like it!

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Monday, 15 May 2017

Stick It Down

Welcome to my Stick It Down post for May.  This month's sketch is so fun...

I was going to do a whole load of rubber stamping but chickened out and went down the silhouette route instead!

I do love how it turned out though...

The vellum is from Claudia's collection from Pretty Little Studio.  Actually, everything bar the sequins and cardstock are designed by Claudia!

I went very literal with my interpretation of the sketch and used 'hello' - I fancy having another go and switching things up a bit!

 Hope to see you over on the Stick It Down blog with your take on the sketch!

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Monkey's Fist Bookmark

Hi Folks!  I'm here today with a quick nautical bookmark for Crafty Ribbons...

I took two lengths of  By The Sea Lighthouse ribbon and sewed them back to back turning the ends under neatly.  I then grabbed some garden twine and found a tutorial to make a monkey's fist knot.  I work better with visual instructions so I found a video to follow along with.

I attached this at the bottom and was finished.  I think it has quite a big impact for something that took very little work!

Thanks for looking!
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